Lobby Gives Back


We are a communtiy purpose driven business. We will have a postive impact on our patrons, staff and community.

We have worked with various organziations, causes over the years and now are ready for our platform as a communnity conscious business to be spread even further.

We The Lobby are always looking to team up with like - minded individuals and business/ organziations to spread change in our community.

We can be the link for your cause through fundraising measures or a platform for you to spread the word of your cause and message of hope, however we can help, we are here and ready to walk with you as disciples of change in our community.

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Current Project 


We have teamed up with I Am: H.E.R @her_unfiltered to provide hot lunches for school aged children during  Covid - 19 school closures. Our team has stepped up to the plate and volunteered there time to help feed over 1000 HUNGRY KIDS. We could'nt have done this without the amazing community support through donations to help keep the kitchen stocked and kids being fed. A colloberate team effort which led to happy kids. MISSION ACCOMLISHED.

  • Still a few weeks left to play your part, order take - out with us and when your order online you'll have a chance to play your part. Thanks!